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H.Outpost EstatesOutpost Estates is a beautiful canyon community with a significant history within the Hollywood Hills. It sits just east of Runyon Canyon Park, west of the Hollywood Bowl, south of Mulholland, and north of Franklin Ave. It consists of roughly 450 luxury properties. It was developed in 1920 by Charles E. Toberman to be “one of the most exclusive and beautiful residential parks in the world”. The area emerged, as did the roaring twenties, as a place of opulence and grandeur for those that could afford to live there. In 1923, a thirty foot, neon “Outpost” sign was put up to rival the Hollywoodland sign, and it did for some time. It was the largest neon sign in the United States until being mostly taken down during World War II. Now, only a few scraps of metal still exist there today.
The first house in Hollywood, built in 1853 by Don Tomas Urquidez, was erected at the intersection between Hillside Avenue and Outpost Drive. The property eventually shifted hands to General Harrison Grey Otis in the early part of the 20th century, the owner of the LA Times developed the area and built an exclusive clubhouse on that land calling it, “The Outpost”.
When Toberman acquired the land, he kept the Outpost name and began building luxury homes for many of the elite of Hollywood. Toberman called is homes the “Hillside Homes of Happiness” which consisted of 5,000 to 10,000 square feet houses with all the bells and whistles in décor and landscaping for that time. “Homes had to be designed in Spanish, Mediterranean or California modern style, have red tile roofs, plenty of patios for outdoor living, and be approved by architectural committee before being built.” Many of the homes have been painstakingly preserved due to their historical importance.
Today, Outpost Estates is still as desirable of a place to live in as it was in the 1920’s, and it is still sought after by Hollywood’s rich and famous.